Website development

The universality and power of the internet means a web presence is essential for all organisations.

It’s now very easy to start building a website, but a blank screen is often daunting for the beginner. It is not difficult to build a site which doesn’t engage with the desired audience and is difficult for visitors to navigate.

And having built a site, it needs to be kept current and attractive for your desired audience. Ease of maintenance is critical to a site’s continued success – this is in step with the kinkajou principle of giving our clients the confidence and knowledge to do this themselves.

We can help you by:

  • Refining your requirements and objectives:
    • Who do you want to communicate with?
    • How do you attract them to your site?
    • What do you want to tell them?
    • How do you want them to react?
  • Identifying appropriate development platforms and utilities
  • Recommending domain names and TLDs (eg, .com, .biz, .org)
  • Registering your domain and obtaining webspace at competitive rates
  • Developing website frameworks which you can maintain and extend
  • Integrating Paypal payment facilities

Some examples of sites we have worked on:

South West England Drystone Walling Association
Transition Wells
Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway